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Trusted Audiologist in San Antonio

If you have hearing issues, consult Whritenour Kevin Inc. today. Dr. Whritenour is a reputable audiologist and hearing aid expert serving customers in San Antonio and the surrounding area since 1988. Hearing disability can often cause social and psychological effects, which include depression, employment difficulties, a breakdown in communication and more.

Our professionals are experienced and treat each patient with the utmost care. We give utmost care and attention to your hearing needs and offer the most advanced hearing aid solutions. At Whritenour Kevin Inc., we offer flex demonstration hearing aides that help you to decide the best for you. Wear them in your home, work and in your environment. This is a free, no cost or obligation offer. 

About Dr Whritenour

Dr Whritenour is a professionally trained audiologist and hearing aid expert. If you are facing any hearing problem, he will help you and make sure that your hearing health is good. Dr Whritenour specializes in evaluating hearing ability and can assess the extent of the hearing problem and identify its source to offer accurate treatment. Hearing aid is the last solution and is recommended only after all other medical options have been ruled out.

What Sets Us Apart?

  • 30 Years of Experience
  • Friendly Professionals
  • Personalized Treatments
  • Quality Hearing Aids
  • Financing Available
  • All Insurance Accepted

We Offer:

  • Hearing Loss Testing
  • Hearing Aids
  • Chargeable Hearing Aids
  • and More

Free Trial Hearing Aids: Try Before You Buy!

Try It:

You have problem hearing? We will perform a test and determine. If you are eligible for the Flex:trial program, your appointment will be fixed and hearing aids tailored especially for you will be delivered to you.

Wear It:

Wear the hearing aids wherever you need it. You can try these at your workplace, when playing or at home. You can feel the difference in your hearing capability and feel how tremendously they will influence your day-to-day activities.

Love It:

After the trial, if you fell in love with the hearing aids, you can go ahead and make a purchase. If not, you can simply return it without having to pay anything. Your decision will be respected.
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